The Complete Aftercare Guide

You know to come to your lash appointment with a clean, bare face but did you know that the most important part of keeping your natural lashes healthy once lash extensions have been properly applied is how you treat them afterwards?  Lash enhancements are an investment and we will share everything we know to protect your investment! Most of the lash retentions issues happen once you leave the lash studio. Keep all of these tips in mind and you’ll keep your lashes (natural and enhanced) healthy and beautiful for years to come.

The 24-Hour No Water Rule

Your eyelash extensions can’t get wet for 24 hours after application. After that 24 hours is up you can shower, soak, swim, and go crazy with water all you want. But those first 24 hours are a water-free zone! Plan ahead for this. Take off all of your makeup, wash your face, wash your hair if you want to and shower before your lash appointment because staying away from water, steam and high humidity is crucial.

High-Heat is Always a No-No

When applied correctly, your lash extensions are sturdy and resilient, but high heat can take even the best-applied lashes down. Don’t point your blow dryer in the direction of your lashes. The heat will straighten out and distort them. Likewise, avoid exposing your lashes to high-heat cooking. In other words, don’t stand in front of that pot of boiling water! Relaxing in the sun by the pool or beach? No problem, of course!

Keep Them Clean

Your lashes, both real and extensions, collect environmental pollutants, such as dust, oil and salt water. To keep eyelashes clean and fresh, we recommend using Bella Lash Cleanser and Makeup remover daily and Bella Lash Deep Cleanser once a week. They are oil-free cleansers specially formulated with natural botanicals for use with all lashes and extensions. Bella Lash Cleansers keeps your beautiful lashes clean and healthy without irritating, harming, or reducing eyelash extension bond. For best results, spray the lash cleanser onto lint free cotton (We do not recommend ordinary cotton pads as they can leave behind lints that get stuck in your extensions and can be very difficult to remove.  Lint free makeup wipes can be purchased here at GEO) or  a reusable cotton sponge. With closed eyes, gently apply to base of lashes using downward strokes, softly sweeping across lashes. Follow with a gentle water rinse and then let your lashes dry naturally. This will protect your lashes from eye makeup or eyeshadow that may get dusted onto your lashes.

After washing them, or any other time, if you see that your lashes are not straight, brush through them gently with a mascara wand (spoolie) that was given to you at the end of your appointment.

 Use Oil Free Makeup, Removers and Skin Care

The oils in many makeup and remover products are the worst enemy of your lashes. The oil breaks down the adhesive causing premature lash loss. Lucky for you there are oil free options for you to use.  Liquid eyeliners make the sharpest and longest lasting winged cat-eye look ever! (Kat Von D Ink Liner is our personal favorite!) Micellar water is also a favorite for all over makeup remover.

Be careful using any oil based skin care, especially around your eyes.  Gently pat your eye cream under and around your eyes and avoid using creams on your eyelids.

 Seal the Deal with a Protective Coating Sealant

Coating sealants are thinner than mascara, and when you apply a light coat over your extensions, they help to seal and protect lashes from dust and chlorine. I suggest using the Bella Lash Intelliseal on your lash extensions once a week, after cleaning your lashes with an eyelash extension shampoo.

Handle with Care

Yes they are new and fun, but your extensions are not a toy! Your natural lashes have their own cycle and shed naturally, so avoid rough handling such as rubbing and pulling which can remove your natural lashes and the extensions. Never be tempted to pick or remove extensions yourself. Always consult your technician for help.

You can even help out your lash longevity when you sleep. By sleeping on your back or side, you can minimize the pressure on your lashes.

 Satin Pillowcase

Speaking of loving your lashes while you sleep, using a satin pillowcase can help you maintain your lashes. Not only do satin pillow cases look and feel luxurious, the silky smooth fabric reduces friction which in turn helps keep your lashes in place (studies have shown that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help eliminate hair loss and breakage). So avoid cotton pillowcases and splash out on satin, which gives the added benefit of a “cool touch,” perfect for those warm summer nights!

Ditch the Lash Curler

While standard crimp style eyelash curlers might give your natural lashes the extra curl that you desire, they are not suitable for use with eyelash extensions. Do not use. Simple! If you want a curled look, be sure to ask your eyelash artist who can suggest curled lash options to suit you.

Don’t crimp your extensions, ever.

Schedule a Fill

To keep lashes gorgeous throughout the year, follow your natural eyelash growth cycle and keep up with a fill every two to three weeks. Yes, eyelash extensions do require maintenance, so please be prepared for the upkeep. This is a super important part of your after care regime.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel to contact us. Nothing is too trivial for us and we are happy to answer them!