COVID-19: Recovery Framework

GEO is not taking new clients at this time due to our limited schedule and COVID-19 safety procedures. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you stay safe!

With the new guidelines published by the City and County of Honolulu on September 22, 2020, GEO will be able open with restrictions under the Tier 1 framework.

If you are feeling unwell or have travelled outside of Hawaii in the last 14 days, please refrain from scheduling an appointment. If you have an existing appointment, please reschedule and we’ll see you once you’re better or through quarantine.

We will continue to follow the City & County of Honolulu guidelines and requirements for reopening published 05/27/2020. Clients are required by law to:

• Self COVID-19 pre-screen
• Clients must come alone to the appointment. No guests are permitted at this time.
• Face coverings must be worn prior to entering the building and at all times during service.
• Upon arrival, text to let us know you are here and wait in your vehicle until we ask you to come up.
• Clients must wash their hands for 20 seconds once they have entered GEO.
• Our complementary beverage service will be suspended.
• Please bring as little into the studio as possible.

Thanks for choosing us and hope to see you soon!