GEO is not a nail salon. It is an appointment only Nail Art and Lash Studio. Come and experience the difference first hand.


We offer over 500 colors and have more crystals, studs, gems than you can imagine. Whether you’ve seen something on instagram or in your dreams, we can bring it to life.


We love the environment and our health so we do our best to source products that are non-toxic and have less impact on the environment.


We love animals so we do our best in sourcing products that are vegan and never tested on our furry friends.


Not sure what to gift? How about an amazing experience at our beautiful studio and an amazing set of nails? It’ll be sure to make anyone smile ear-to-ear.


To be sure we have plenty of time for each client, we work by appointment only. Please text us and let us know what type of service(s) you want and we’ll take care of the rest!


We are proud of our work and know you will be too!


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All of our brands have been carefully selected to match our “mind and body“ philosophy. They are proven to be result driven and effective to achieve your personal beauty goal.

Bio Sculpture Gel is the only clinically tested gel system and it received a 5 Star Safety Rating.

Nails treated with Bio Sculpture Gel dry instantly under LED light. Without any use of primers or bonders and minimal buffing, the natural nails are kept healthy and well maintained long after the application.

Bio Sculpture Gel is nontoxic, odor free and animal friendly.

Grow your nails naturally with Bio Sculpture Gel.

Aprés Nail introduces the newest and most innovative way to get more length without the commitment of traditional extensions.

The extensions are made of the same material as gel polishes and adhere to your natural nails using a soak off gel. Unlike acrylics or hard gels, there is no sanding or filing of your natural nail plate, so your nails aren’t damaged in the process.

This means a dust-free,  toxin-free, and odor-free experience for you and your overall health.

Bioseaweed Gel is a proud big-5 free professional gel brand. All of their products are big-5 free with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or camphor. This means there is zero dehydration, staining or weakening of the natural nails.

Bioseaweed Gel soaks off quickly and safely, ensuring that your nails stay healthy and strong.

“Healthier Nails, Healthier You.” It’s their motto but here at GEO, we live by it, too!